Campground Rules

We appreciate your help in keeping the River and Camping 

areas clean for your future enjoyment and that of others!

No PETS or Emotional Support Animals!

Service Animals, as defined by the ADA, are welcomed!

  • NO PETS or Emotional Support Animals. Service Animals, defined by the ADA, are welcomed.

  • Speed Limit is 5 MPH; Slow, NO Dust!

  • NO Loud Music; anytime.                                 Car Stereos & Sub Woofers are NOT Permitted.

  • Quiet Hours: 11pm - 7am / No Profanity All Radios, TV's, Audible Devices, & Intrusive Lighting OFF by 11:00 pm.

  • Please Be Kind to the Wildlife                                 Do Not Chase, Throw Objects, or Capture

  • No Littering (including cigarette butts)                                           Please Clean up your Campsite and Place ALL Trash in Dumpsters before exiting the Campground.

  • No Water Balloons or Cascarones                      This includes: any form of confetti or aerial cannons.

  • Do Not Cut, Chop, Damage, or Climb on Trees & Bushes! No Rope Swings.

  • No Firearms                                                This Includes: Air Soft Guns, BB Guns, Pellet Guns, Paintball Guns, & Archery Equipment.

  • No Unlicensed Vehicle Traffic                   This Includes: ATV's, UTV's, Dirt Bikes, & Golf Carts.

  • Camping Permitted in Designated Sites! Riverbanks & Beach areas for community recreation.

  • No Excessive/Wasteful Usage of Water This Includes: Swimming Pools, Slip-N-Slides, Sprinklers, & Vehicle/RV Washing.

  • No Generators (including "quiet" generators)

  • No Fireworks (including sparklers & snappers)

  • No Ground Fires                                      Please use the designated fire pits provided on site.                 For Burn Ban info CLICK HERE

  • Please use the Dump Station for ALL RV Waste Water. (including gray water)         **Outdoor/Portable Showers are NOT Permitted.



KL Ranch Camp ~ On The River is a private campground. We have the right to select our clientele and visitors. We are not responsible for accidents, injuries, loss of money, or valuables of any kind. Please be responsible for your own safety!

"Bad Weather" Refunds are not available due to Inclement Weather.   
This includes, but is not limited to precipitation events and high or low river flow. 
Camping Credit may be available pending scheduled arrival and date/time of requested cancellation. 
*Please contact our office for Major Flooding Exceptions.