KL Ranch History

      The owner's Great-Great Grandfather began acquiring land in the 1870's which was to become KL Ranch. During his lifetime he acquired over 1700 acres of land (currently the campground section consists of  approximately 10 acres of river front property and the ranch section about 1367 acres). During this time, a man named Louis Klappenbach leased the property on which to graze his cattle. He used his initials "KL" for his cattle brand. After time, he sold all of his cattle to Mr. Bretzke along with the cattle brand. Therefore, the property came to be know as the Bretzke Ranch and later KL Ranch. In the 1950's the river property began to be developed as a campground. It was called KL Picnic & Campgrounds. In the 1970's the name was changed to KL Ranch Camp by the former owners, now retired: 2010 & 2013. 

The campground currently operates as two individual businesses: 

KL Ranch Camp "On The River" & KL Ranch Cliffside.